Monday, October 25, 2010

Ice Cream cupcakes...YUMMY!





Henry and Daddy

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Poor Poohpinyere

Last week our dear friend Pooh Bear had a fateful accident. He will be greatly missed.

Pooh and his honey pots were a gift from Grandma. He is so cute and the kids LOVE him. Apparently Pooh was pulled off the dresser onto Edi's head. I was in the kitchen folding laundry when I heard a very loud noise followed by crying. I went into the girls room and there he was on the floor in several pieces. Edi was crying and she kept saying, "Poohpinyere fell on my head and he is broken." She had 3 HUGE knots on her head. I put ice on it and called Daddy home from work. Pooh stands about 18" tall and he is VERY heavy. I was very concerned so we took a quick trip to the Emergency Room, ALL OF US. I decided to take everyone because I wanted to sit with her and keep an eye on her, just in case. By the time we arrived the swelling had gone way down. We had had ice on it for about 45 minutes by that time. I am happy to report that she was OKAY! As for Pooh...well that is a different story. :o(

Edi kept telling everyone at the Hospital about how Poohpinyere fell on here head and now he was broke. She charmed them all. I could here them at the desk asking if they had seen the Pooh Bear girl, we had many visiters while we waited. They just stopped in to hear her little story. In the meantime Daddy was in the waiting room with the other three kiddos and lots of animal crackers.
Thank Goodness our adventure is over and Edi is doing just fine. We are currently looking for a soft stuffed replacement for Pooh Bear!!!