Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Sophia, Sean, Henry, and Edith!

I can not believe my beautiful Miracle Babies are 5 years old. It seems like only months ago we were up to our eye balls in dirty diapers and bottles. Time has gone by so very quickly! They had a great Birthday Week. We had a party on Saturday went to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Wednesday for Family Day and opened their presents on Thursday and played all day!

This has been the most difficult amazing rewarding exhausting and unpredictable 5 years of my life but I would not change any of it for anything.

Happy Birthday to my Amazing Kiddos! I love you more than life itself and am forever blessed by your miraculous birth!

You know you're a Redneck...

When your kids ride in a trailer hooked to a lawn mower through town!  

It looks like we fit right in to the little town we moved into!