Friday, August 17, 2012

Colts Camp

We do not live far from Anderson University where the Indianapolis Colts hold their training camp each year. The kids all really like Football so we decided to take them.

Of course we were all decked out in our Colts gear.
One of the highlights...Ice Cream!
Standing in front of the players while they practice. Our sweet little Sophia did not understand why she could not go out there and play too.
Henry determined to go out on the field.

It was a very hot day so the kids kept going over to the water fountains.

I am loving this age. The kids are so fun. We are experiencing so much more. They are soaking in everything they see and everything you tell them. The only bad thing is that they remember EVERYTHING. We make it a point never to tell them our plans ahead of time in case something changes. We just wait until we are ready to walk out the door. They get very disappointed when our plans change. I guess it is their age. Although I must admit I am the same way! :o) When I plan for something and it doesn't work out it throws a wrench in my whole day. I am a planner/schedule person. I do not like change. Haha. Now with four kiddos life is ALWAYS changing. Go figure!