Thursday, May 31, 2012

4th Birthday Party!

This year we celebrated the kids 4th Birthday. There have been times that I thought we might never make it but here we are...
I decided to go with a tie dye theme this year. It was a LOT of fun!

The cupcakes were very fun to make. We separated the batter into smaller bowls and added a different color food coloring to each bowl. Then we spooned each color into the cupcake papers. I changed the order so they would not all look the same.
The icing looks like it was difficult but it was really very easy. I made several different colors of icing. I then lined the icing bag with each color in vertical lines with a butter knife and then filled it with white icing. I love the way they turned out!

We made shirts for the party much fun!

The tables were decorated with candy, cups, bags to take your loot, toys, and magnet photos of the kids. We have done the magnet photos a couple of times and they are a big hit.
The centerpieces were flower pots filled with lollypops and balloons.

I love having an activity table at the kids Birthday parties. This year we had giant coloring books, stickers, stamps, modeling clay, markers, and crayons.

Melissa the Tattoo Artist. ;O)
Melissa and Edi.

Henry, Sean, Edith, and Sophia.

Aunt Rosie, Olivia, and Uncle Brent.
 He was teaching the kids to stamp on their faces.

The Activity table.
Aunt Christi, Manda, and Kerigan.

Sophia was the only one that wanted a cupcake.
What can I say...They'd rather have applesauce.

I am thinking that the smiley face bouncy balls on the tables was a BAD idea.
Bouncy balls flying EVERYWHERE. I am pretty sure we even had an injury.

Rose, Henry, Lis, Edi, Cayman, and Manda.

Henry, Lis, Edi, Manda, and Kerigan.

Chris, Cory, Nancy, and Art. AKA...Grandma Ancy and Papaw Heart.

I had a table set up when you entered the party that displayed the kids NICU books that we made for them while they were still in the Hospital. In the books some family along with the Nurses wrote entries about the kids and what was happening at the time. We also had their first pictures and diapers, hats, blood pressure cups, feeding tubes...just a few things to remind us just how BLESSED we are to have 4 amazing healthy 4 year olds!!!!

God has Blessed us more than I could have imagined possible! I am thankful for each day!