Thursday, April 28, 2011

Grandma's or Bust...

We were planning a trip to Grandma's for Easter weekend. The kids were VERY helpful while I was trying to get everything ready to go.

Edi decided she would pack her own bag. Sophia liked our new GIANT pink backpack.

Edi was very happy to be going to Grandma's to see her and some of our other family.

We use to live about 15 hours from her and now we are 3 hours.

Sean packed the MOST important items.
Teddy Bears! So cute! We cannot leave home without them!

Well our trip did not turn out the way we had hoped. We arrived at Grandma's around 9:30pm the kids were very wound up. We went to bed just before mid-night and all four kids were WIRED. No sleeping for any of us. The kids cried to go home. They wanted their own beds. Aaaaargh!!! I did not know what to do.

Finally around 5:00am we went downstairs and let them play while we got breakfast ready. At this point Chris and I were both exhausted and ready to just go home. We decided to wait and see if they would take a good nap so we could all get some rest. When naptime came we all went upstairs to our room and the kids laid down...they were SO TIRED and so were we.

It started AGIAN. Whining and crying to go home. "We want to go home." Even though I had been looking forward to seeing family and sharing in my nephew Caymen's 2nd Birthday I also knew that an entire weekend of no rest would not be a great start to the next week.

SO...we packed up and went home

Thankfully the kids were asleep before we even left town. They all 4 slept until we pulled into our driveway. They were very happy to be home. When bedtime came they all went right to sleep and we did not hear a peep out of them. Praise God because Daddy and I got some much needed sleep also.

The crazy thing is I have to be rested. I do not have the option of sleeping in late the next day or taking a nap or going to bed early to make up for lost sleep. Lost sleep at our house is just LOST.

Luckily we all recovered on Sunday. We had an awsome day of rest!!

We have discovered that it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to really schedule ANYTHING. You never know what will happen. It seems that in the last 3 years we have learned SO much but also SO little. Everytime we think we have it figured out...WE DON'T!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Making Tough Decisions

Since the kids were born we have found ourselves constantly letting people down. We have always tried to put the health and well-being of our kids FIRST. It is very hard sometimes because it feels like we are letting everyone around us down as a result. I have NO regrets about the decisions we have made reguarding our family. They have rarely been easy ones but in the end I have always felt we have made the right choices for us.

In the beginning it was limiting who would see the kids and making sure everyone washed their hands. You wouldn't think this would even be a choice. I mean bringing 4 premature babies home from the hospital we were terrified and followed EVERY single piece of advice that our doctors and nurses had passed on to us. As a result our kids are VERY healthy and happy.

Besides the health issues, there are many other things that would not even be considered a problem if it were not for the fact that we have 4 kids the same age.

For example.
If one or more of our kids is having a bad day we usually cancel any planned activity. For our own sanity. It is NEVER a good thing to venture out with a cranky kid of 4.

If someone is ill we still STAY AWAY. It is very difficult to take care of 4 sick kiddos at one time. Especially when almost every illness we have dealt with ends up with excessive vomitting. I am a puker and I guess I passed that on to my kids.

We have to plan any time in the car because they all get car sick, again from me.

All four of our kids are picky eaters. They will only drink milk and their favorite meal is grilled chicken, sweet potatoe fries and applesauce. They do not like hamburgers or anything fried. So that pretty much cuts out fast food for us. They do like Chic-fil-et and Taco Bell. :o)

Getting sleep is VERY important. I take care of the kids solo while Daddy works 55 hours a week. There is no one to call if I am tired or not feeling well. I take great pains to try to keep myself rested and healthy! Plus it makes me a better mom and a better wife.

Naptimes and bedtimes must ALWAYS be considered. There is a huge difference in dealing with one child that did not get a nap as opposed to 4. It is practically impossible to console them and it makes for a very stressful afternoon for mommy and daddy. Our kids do not like to sleep unless they are in their own beds. They have always slept in their bed at night and nap and that is where they want to be. Who can blame them I LOVE MY BED it is warm and cozy and MINE!

We also have to over prepare for EVERY outing. Extra clothes extra sippy cups tons of snacks our giant stroller must ALWAYS be in tow. Literally!!!! Haha. And of course Mommy's camera. I try to never leave home without it.

It is very important to us to try to give our children many different experiences. We have tried from the beginning not to be overwhelmed by the amount of preparation and consideration that goes into every little adventure we have. Sometimes they turn out well and sometimes we end up going home early. But we still try.

My only wish is to give our children the best childhood we can possibly offer. To teach them about God's Grace Love and Compassion. We wanted to be parents for so many years and I feel like God gave us not 1 but 4 awsome beautiful intelligent kids to share our lives with and I will do everything in my power by honoring Him everyday and in every decision we make.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Big Kid Beds...Take 2

As some of you may remember we tried to convert the kids beds to toddler beds about a year ago. They screamed and cried to have their bed rails back. Weird, I know. I think it was a big security issue for them. Anyway after Sean tried to climb out and broke his arm we decided it was time to make the bed change for good!

Henry and Sean helping Daddy take the crib rail off Henry's bed and put the toddler rails on.





This time the kids were ready for this bed change. There was NO complaining and we have had little issue with keeping them in their beds during nap and bedtime. Every morning when they wake up they yell for me to come into their rooms to get them out of bed. I guess they haven't quite figured out they can do it themselves! So cute though.

Since these pictures have been take we have taken the wooden rails off the beds and replace it with a larger mess rail that goes in the middle. The kids kept falling out of bed the first couple of nights and I was up all night picking up kids and putting them back into bed. Since the new rails went on all is well.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Our First Indiana Adventure

We have been going a little stir crazy since the weather here is soooo cold and wet. We did have one nice day a couple of weeks ago and we took the kids to an Outlet Mall is Michigan City. We also drove over to the beach there. Did you know there were beaches up here? Not me. It was actually very nice and the kids were very excited. They LOVE the beach and miss our beautiful Gulf Shores beaches. We had a great time shopping and playing.

Henry driving the Bat Mobile

Sean riding a horse

Sophia and Edi riding in a helecopter

This really needs no introduction

Sean Edi Sophia and Henry enjoying their favorite cookie, Snickerdoodles!

We are looking forward to warmer weather and many many new adventures in our new town. We are only 1 hour from Chicago and we are planning a train ride there for the kids Birthday. We cannot wait! God continues to bless us each day we are so truly greatful!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our last trip to the beach

On the morning of the Big Move we went to the beach one last time.

Sean Sophia Henry and Edi

Melissa and Sophia

Melissa flew down to ride back to Indiana with the kids and I.

She was a huge help and I have no idea what I would have done without her.

Melissa Sean Sophia Henry and Edi

Sophia Chris and Sean

Bye-bye beach and beautiful sunshine...Hello snow and cold.

Saying Good-Bye

Saying Good-bye to our friends in Alabama was very hard. Although we only lived there for almost two years we found some friends that have impacted us for a lifetime.

Edwina Edi and Sophia

Henry Brelyn and Sophia

Isreal Edi Henry Brelyn Sean and Sophia

Henry and Sean

Sophia Jane Sean and Derick

We had some GREAT times and met some wonderful people.

Thank you and We Love You!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Broken Baby

This has been the CRAZIEST couple of months in a very long time. We are finally getting almost everything moved in and unpacked in our new home. Daddy has been working a lot of hours and we are going a little stir crazy because it has been so wet and cold here. When we left Alabama two months ago we were already having temperature in the upper 70's. Today when I got out of bed it was in the 30's. I am a warm sunshine kind of girl but I am trying to adjust. We are looking forward to warm temperature hopefully coming soon!! In the mean time we are taking trips to the local mall. There is a Choo Choo train there that the kids like to ride. They also like to visit Mickey Mouse at his house in the mall frequently. AKA Disney Store. This week has been particularly stressful. Wednesday evening after putting the kids to bed Sean started screaming at the top of his lung. Chris and I ran into his room and he was standing there holding his arm. I scooped him up and took him to the dining room where there was more light. With him still crying we decided he needed a trip to the Emergency room. Because we have only been here for a couple of weeks we did not know anything about the local hospitals. We entered hospital in the GPS and went to the first one that came up. A few short minutes later Sean and I pulled into the parking garage at the hospital. Three x-rays later and he was being fitted for an temperary cast. Broken in two places just above the elbow, we have now experienced our first broken bone. NO fun at all. He has not slept for the past two nights. Which also mean Mommy has not slept. Today I took him to an Orthopedic Surgeon and he is now sporting a beautiful blue cast. He is much more comfortable in the hard cast and after the appointment he took a 5 hour nap. Thank God! This evening he played and complained very little about the pain. He has been such a sport through this whole thing. I am so proud of him. The other kids are however experiencing a little jealousy. I am sure that in a few days we will all be back to normal or at least our version of normal anyway. I do have some picture but I cannot find the software for my camera to download the pics to the computer. So perhaps another day. God bless and take care.