Monday, February 22, 2010

BIG Gymboree Fun!

We took the kiddos to Gymboree for the first time last week. We all had a great time. It was fairly inexpensive and the kids LOVED it.

Here is Henry playing soccer with daddy, you cannot see daddy.

Henry was very curious. He took his time and looked at everything in the room.

Silly Henry, that doesn't come off.

Edi sliding down the slide.

Edi climbing. Mommy was getting a little nervous. The little ones were very BRAVE.

Edi playing with bubbles for the first time. Yes...I am a terrible mother my kids have never played with bubbles before. :(

Edi being a little more cautious.

Edi resting with her balloon before we left.

Sean on the slide. Huh, that looks familiar. They all a bunch of followers. When one does something the others are never too far behind.

Seany in a tunnel.
Sean playing hoops.

Sean and daddy playing hoops.

Sean, Edi, and Sophia. Notice the red ball that Sophia has?...

Sophia again with the red ball.

Sophia carrying the red ball up the stairs.

Sophia and her big red ball in a tube.

Henry trying to figure out what in the heck those wierd little bubbles are doing.

Edi and Sophia trying to catch the bubbles.

Edi and Sophia.

Sophia trying to clean the bubbles off the floor and Henry trying to catch them.
Overall we had a really good time. The kids could have played forever. They did really well and they did not even cry when we left, the balloons helped I am sure. We are looking forward to many more fun outings as the weather gets a little warmer and the kids get much easier to take out. We are finally starting to have BIG fun in our little family and I am soooo glad. I did not think it was ever going to get easier but it is!!!!!!!!

Ye shall receive.
Matthew 21:22

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