Friday, May 21, 2010

Moving is almost done!

Well...I have A LOT to post but not today. We are still trying to move. We have a house and it is only 10 miles from our current home. YAY! The problem is daddy started a new GREAT job and he has been training. We are very behind in the moving process. The home that we are moving to needed A LOT of cleaning. I mean A LOT of cleaning. Carpets, all other floors, cabinets, appliances, trim, you name it and I have bleached it. We are finally ready to move in, with the exception of one bathroom.

I will do my best to update soon! The kiddos turn 2 on Sunday but that is daddy's only day off so we will probably do a quick meal with some friends and back to the grindstone. PROMISE...2 year old pictures and updates SOON!


  1. good luck on the move and Happy 2nd birthday Sophia, Sean, Henry and Edith!!!!

  2. When I saw that you were moving, I thought maybe away from the Coast! Yay, you're still here! I'm fixing to e-mail you my # so we can meet up, maybe this week if you're not too busy!