Friday, September 3, 2010

Big Beds???? or NOT!

I have been searching for some time now for toddler bedding for the kiddos. They have never really needed it because my Aunt made their first two sets of blankets. Now, they are getting bigger and they needed bigger blankets. I looked EVERYWHERE for bedding and finally found the perfect set for each of the kids at It came right to my door with FREE shipping. I was very happy with all the bedding when it arrived!!

Sean loves cars, buses, trucks, etc. pretty much ANYTHING with wheels.

Henry LOVEs balls. Sports was the best I could come up with and he loves it.

Edi loves flowers and butterflies.

Sophia also loves flowers.

We also, as you can see, took the sides off their beds and put the toddler rails on. I thought they would be so thrilled with their new freedom.

Well... I was soooo WRONG. When naptime came they all cried for their bed rails. Daddy and I quickly put them back together. Well, as quickly as anyone could take off eight side rails and put on one big rail. They all CHEERED happily when they were all back together.

They laid down quietly and went right to sleep. Perhaps we are NOT quite ready for our big kid beds.

What do you think?

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