Monday, January 2, 2012

Merry Christmas!

We all woke up on Christmas morning and started the day reading the Christmas Story. Then the kids got their stockings.

We put all their presents downstairs in the playroom so we could do breakfast and have a close to normal morning before the chaos of gifts began. The girls loved their pink castle and the boys their Thomas tent!
Sean and Sophia playing with the baby center. These gifts were not wrapped so the kids played for a while before they started openning the rest.

The girls both have a new Lil' Dolly Doll with a matching dress for them. They probably won't get to wear them until Spring.

All four kids love their new robs. They still wear them everyday. Edi tries to sleep in hers.

It was a great morning the kids played and we all just relaxed and enjoyed every minute. This is the first Christmas that they are starting to understand. It is amazing to experience life through the eyes of four kiddos. We have been BLESSED beyond our imagination!
God is soooo Good!

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