Saturday, June 11, 2011

I wanna go home...

Yesterday Edi told me she wanted to go home. She wanted to go to our old house where we had a beach and chicken and fries and friend. She said she missed Chloe and Rylee at church. Then Sean chimed in and said he wanted to go back to Alabama.

Obviously this broke my heart. For several minutes they all taked about walking on the beach our church and friend that we have there. Hopefully we will be able to go there for a visit in the near future. In the meantime we will strive to make their experience in our new home one they will talk about when we move to the next one!

Grandma, Edi, Sean, Henry, and Sophia enjoying a walk on the beach. Oh and did I mention this is in like January. Yeah, it was in the 60s and we were freezing. Ha. I am wondering what we are going to do this winter with a ton of snow and temps that drop below zero. Eeeeeeck!!

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  1. My girls aren't old enough to remember our house in Michigan, but they know they lived there and ask a lot of questions. I'm hoping to take them for a visit one of these days.