Thursday, November 10, 2011

That's MINE!

We assigned colors for the kids when they were born.
They have each become very attached to their color. 

Henry Sophia Sean and Edi

Edi is always pink. If it is pink she thinks it belongs to her.

Sophia's color is purple.
Henry's color is green.
Sean's color is blue.

Sometimes having their own color is a real pain in the .... but
it gives them something that is just theirs. There is NO question as to
which kid it belongs to if it is their color.

We are always trying to do things that will make life just a little easier. You would not believe
how much some things help.


  1. I did the same with my three, although that aren't old enough to care yet. Right now, the purple blanket is one of the boy's favorites.

  2. The quads were given their colors by the NICU. We have continued them, but our problem has been the three girls. Izzie is purple, Julia is pink and (technically) Paige is yellow. The problem here is, everything girlie is in pink and purple, but yellow is harder to find. Therefore, Paige's real color is whatever other color we can find ;-)