Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shipshewana Light Parade

Several weeks ago we took the kids to Shipshewana for their Light Parade and the Lighting of the Christmas Tree. It was cold so we all bundled up and headed out.

The line for Santa was too long so we headed inside one of the local bake shops and got the kids some cookies...as always they didn't really like them and saw some veggie chips in the store and went nuts. Yup, that's my kiddos. Sophia is really the only one that likes sweets. They like Oatmeal Cookies and Snickerdoodles sometimes but throw icing or chocolate at them and you can forget it.
Overall we had a good time the parade had many floats covered in Christmas Lights. I made for a late night but well worth it. We were definately all in the Christams Spirit by the end of the night. The next day the kids wanted to put a tree up. This was November 13 by the way. So we did. They have had a tree down in their playroom for well over a month.

Now it they would just leave it alone!!!!

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