Sunday, October 28, 2012

Summer 2012 Part 1

We packed this Summer full of activities. It is so much easier to do different stuff with 4 year olds. We slowly tried to stop using their strollers and wagons this Summer. Losing their wheels has been a bit of an adjustment they like to ride more than walk but they are just getting too big! We will start next Spring completely ride free!

The Summer consisted of Parades.

Sophia, Sean, Kerigan, Caymen, Henry, and Edi.
 Countless trips to the Zoo. I do mean countless, I have no idea how many times we went to the Zoo. I just know it was a LOT! We all love to go. The like the animals but toward the end of the Summer they were spending more time in the playgrounds and the water play area than with the animals. And lets not forget our ride on the carousel. Yup, everytime. Did I mention that none of them will actually ride on the animals. Nope, they do not like to go up and down so they just sit on the bench and ride around. My kids are weird.
Sean, Edi, Sophia, and Henry checking out the animals.
Sean, Henry, Edi, and Sophia waiting ever so patiently at the Dolphin Show.
 The Dolphin Show is an important part of every single trip to the Zoo. Don't even think about trying to skip that. You will be sorry when it is time to leave.
Henry, Edi, Sean, and Sophia counting the ducks.
 Another favorite spot is the Indianaplis Children's Museum. All kids love to touch stuff and our kids are no exception. Wow,  a place they can go and touch EVERYTHING. Talk about 4 happy kids.
Edi, Henry, Sophia, Sean playing in glassworks.

Sean, Henry, Edi, and Sophia scuba diving.

Sophia waiting on her order.

Sean making Sophia's food.

Edi, Sophia, Sean eating outside the Cafe.
Henry... well just Henry.
Celebrating Birthdays is also at the top of the favorites list. They do not even mind that it is not their Birthday. Just mention Party and they are in!

Happy Birthday! Sharon, Brad, Olivia, Kayann, Amanda, and Kylan.

New Beds! The kids got their new bunkbeds. We decided even before we brought them home that we would wait a few months before we stack them. Just a little peace of mind for Mommy and Daddy.

Edith and Sophia trying our their new beds.

Sean, Edi, Sophia, and Henry helping Daddy put their beds together.

Something else new this Summer, rides, lots and lots of rides. They were so excited to go to the Indiana State Fair. Seriously though a small forture could be spent here with 4 kids. I could not believe how expensive the rides were. It was over $10 for all of our kids to ride just ONE ride.
But totally worth it! Check out those HUGE smiles!

Sophia and Edi.


We also attended the NICU Picnic for St. Vincent Women's Hospital were our kids were born. We met up for a picture with some of our amazing Quad Friends and the Doctor who helped make it all possible!

A whole lotta quadruplets!

Though we are very sad to see the Summer go we are excited to be gearing up for the Holidays!

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