Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Bikes!

We had a couple of really nice days a week or so ago and we spent them outside. We thought that our deck would be big enough to teach the kids how to ride their bikes but they caught on quickly and we are constantly running after them to keep them from going over the edge. They have not quite mastered the brakes yet!

Sean and Henry
 We picked the boys bikes. We chose one that seemed sturdy and would grow with them.
Edi and Sophia
 The girls saw the princess bike and that's all she wrote. They wanted that one and there was no changing their minds.

Sean and Henry

Sean and Sophia

When we bought the bikes we only purchased 2 (one boy and one girl). We had gotten them 2 scooters about a week before and decided that since there would be little time left this year that they could ride them, we would wait and get the other 2 next year. Odds are there will not be many bike ridin' kind of days left this year!

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  1. Looks like fun! My kids love to ride bikes! We spend lots of time chasing them around the block. Brett and Parker like to go fast, Cooper stays at a steady speed behind those two and Kaden goes as what we call "Kaden speed" which is nice and slow! We get lots of comments from our neighbors about how it looks like we always get a good work out on bike rides!
    They are all asking for scooters for Christmas so I'm trying to decide which ones to get. Why does there have to be so many choices?