Friday, November 16, 2012

Family Photo Fun!

I have been wanting to get some family photos done for quite a while. We really want to have some done professionally but it seems like there is just not enough time and Chris's schedule is very unpredictable these days. So, we asked my Mom to meet us at the park to snap a few group shots. Every parent knows it is a challenge to get a good group photo. I bribed the kids and told them they could play as long as they wanted but when it was time take the pictures they had to come quickly with NO crying or pouting! Believe it or not it actually worked. We would snap a pic here or there and then gather everyone up for a group shot! It turned out to be a pretty fun day. Without the stress of a formal family photo session! Plus we were not on a time clock so it was more relaxed and no one was stressed at all!




Sean, Edith, Henry, and Sophia

Sean, Edith, Henry, Sophia

Sophia, Sean, Henry, Edith

Edith, Sophia, Henry, Sean

Edith, Henry, Sophia, Sean

Henry, Edith, Sophia, Sean

In my head this would have been a great picture...IN MY HEAD!

This is my FAVORITE!

Ok so even though there are about 10 different shots of this one, NONE of them are good! Ha.
You win some and you lose some...this is definately a LOSS!
Sometimes they work...Sometimes they don't! There is really nothing more to say! Haha!

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