Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Camp-Out Party

This year for the kids Birthday we decided to have a Camp-out Party. They had so much fun. They still keep asking if we can do it again! I love doing their parties every year. I really like getting all the details ready. 

I bought bags and we let the kids decorate them. My kids are very artistic. They love to do crafts and drawing.

Tents and a campfire. Chris cut up a tree to make seats around the fire.

Party Favors. Hats visors shirts canteens compasses binoculars tattoos water  bottles flashlights everything a kid could want for a camp-out. Tent favor boxes to take it home.
The Birthday Bunch



The kids had a great time. They want to have a Camp-Out for their Birthday 
Every year! I have to say this was the best party we have had for them so far. It was great for kids and adults! Oh and we made glow jars when it got dark I do not have any pictures but
it was pretty cool! I am not sure how I can top this one next year but I am always up for the challenge!

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