Friday, July 9, 2010

And Now We are TWO!

Happy Birthday Sophia, Sean, Henry, and Edith. WOW! That is about all I can say... I cannot believe my kiddos are TWO years old. How did that happen??? Time has gone by so quickly. It seems like yesterday I was very sleep deprived and wondered it they would ever walk, feed themselves, and be potty trained. Well, two out of three ain't bad! lol We didn't really celebrate their Birthday on their actual Birth Day. We were just beginning to move into our new house on that day and it was a bit crazy. We did however have dinner with a few friends at our FAVORITE local Mexican place.

Edith, Henry, Daddy, Sean, and Sophia.

Ok so, ya know how I hate always being right? Well I told Chris to only light one candle at a time. He insisted he would be VERY careful and it would be okay to do both boys at once. The next thing I know Henry is screaming and his hand is blistered and black from grabbing the candle. There are not many pictures after this because Mommy had to comfort poor little Henry. Daddy...well let's just say. Aaaaarrrrggghhh!!!!

Anyway, a few days after their actual Birthday my mom flew in for a couple of days. We decided to do their presents and have another little party while she was here.

Sophia LOVES books.

Sean, Sophia, Edi (behind balloons), and Henry

Yes, my kids are WEIRD. They all love hats. What can I say. At our Mexican Restaurant they are always wearing the hats around so I bought them their very own. They still wear them all the time. Go figure?!?

Edith is stylin' in here new hat and shoes! They all have a thing for shoes too, even the boys! That makes Mommy sooooo proud!!!

Overall we had a GREAT Birthday week. I am so very blessed to have such beautiful healthy children. I do not know whay God chose me to have them, love them, and raise them, but a I thank Him EVERYDAY for the opportunity to share my life with them. They are by far the BEST gift I have EVER been given. I am truly thankful for each one of them. They are so worth everything that goes into raising them. I would not change one moment!


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! It is unbelievable how fast it goes. I just scheduled my crew's 2 yr checkup and got choked up. This can be a difficult stage, but aren't they so much fun?!?!

    Your kids are just adorable and I love that they understand the importance of accessorizing:0)

  2. Wasn't it just yesterday that we handed them to you to hold for the first time? Love and miss you guys

  3. So glad we got to meet you today! You have some adorable kiddos!!! Can't wait for another playdate! Mark August 15th on your calendar, it's our crews second birthday party here in Hurley!