Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow!

Ok so let me just say one thing...I DID NOT want to cut Sean's hair.
Why did I? Well because of this...

It is HOT outside and everytime we go anywhere poor little Sean's hair sticks to his sweaty face. He is constantly trying to get it off of his face. Poor little guy! :o(

It is just sooooo beautiful. If only he were a little girl.

Can you stand it????? Just look at those curls. When it is wet it is more than halfway down his back. Hehehe

We called around to find a salon that specialized in kids. Did you know that there are NO kid salons down here? Is this AMERICA? We ended up going to a little salon in Orange Beach.

Jewel cut Sean's hair. She was FANTASTIC with him.

He did such a great job. He held very still and just let her cut away!

NO more curls. :o(

This morning I had a little baby boy...tonight I have a BIG boy!


  1. They are all SO grown up. I love seeing them. Sweet post. The curls were wonderful, but I bet he is happier without them in the way.

  2. Haircuts always make me sad! I just think they always walking away looking older. Sean did have beautiful curls, but he sure is handsome with that short hair!

  3. Now he looks like a boy and not a girl.