Friday, July 30, 2010

Pensacola Naval Museum

The kids had a GREAT time with their cousins at the museum.

Kerigan, Henry, and Sophia

Edi and Dani

Henry and Sophia

Henry and Sophia


Henry and Sean


Kerigan and Sean


Edi and Sophia

Henry and Dani

Sean, Henry, and Dani

Henry and Sean

Sophia and Kerigan

Kerigan, Dani, Sean, and Henry
We will definately be visiting the museum again, hopefully next time with Daddy! There were A LOT of hands on activities for the kids to do. They had many cockpits that the kids could climb in and also a large indoor play area!! Did I mention it is FREE? Fun, fun fun! It is amazing how much easier our outings are becoming! I LOVE having 2 year olds!!!


  1. Its SO nice to hear that you are enjoying 2 year olds. And I seriously need to buy clothes from you b/c I love the matching stuff.