Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh Grandma, Oh Grandma, We Love You Grandma!

Grandma came to visit and we had a GREAT time. This was the first time that the kids really understood that she was coming to visit. I told them several days before she came that we were going to pick her up and that she was going to come in a plane. They LOVE planes now. When we finally picked her up they were sooooo excited...and so was I!!!!




Edi, she is not really mad, just being silly.

Grandma and Edi, both being silly.

Grandma in a big bounce house at Kangarooz.

Grandma and Henry

We drove 3 hours to the country to visit my mom's brother, Joe. Here is my mom with Sean, Edi, Sophia, and Henry. We made several attempt at a good picture but I was not so successful.

The kids LOVE grandma almost at much as Chris and I do. Chris taught them a little song that he made up and they have been singing about grandma for the past few days.
Oh Grandma, Oh Grandma, We LOVE you, Grandma.
They insert different names from family to each other and even our family dogs but for the past few days it has been A LOT of Grandmas.
Thank you for coming to see us Grandma, we cannot wait until we get to see you again. WE LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!!!

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