Monday, August 2, 2010

Are you Stuck????

Ok, so I am NOT going to win Mother of The Year this year. I thought she was just whinning because the other kids were bothering her. I had NO IDEA...

This is typical. Edi, so I thought, was upset because Sean would not leave her alone.

She sat in that wagon FOREVER.

Ok, now she is CRYING. Oh, did someone do something to you?

Wow, she must REALLY like sitting in that wagon.

Then it occurs to me...She is STUCK. Great, she has been sitting in that stupid thing for like 30 minutes while I folded laundry. I am very very SORRY, Edi.
Poor little thing her legs were probably numb. She was all folded up in that wagon. Although I didn't feel too bad because about 10 minutes after I got her out...she was right back in it again. GO FIGURE?!?

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