Friday, April 15, 2011

Broken Baby

This has been the CRAZIEST couple of months in a very long time. We are finally getting almost everything moved in and unpacked in our new home. Daddy has been working a lot of hours and we are going a little stir crazy because it has been so wet and cold here. When we left Alabama two months ago we were already having temperature in the upper 70's. Today when I got out of bed it was in the 30's. I am a warm sunshine kind of girl but I am trying to adjust. We are looking forward to warm temperature hopefully coming soon!! In the mean time we are taking trips to the local mall. There is a Choo Choo train there that the kids like to ride. They also like to visit Mickey Mouse at his house in the mall frequently. AKA Disney Store. This week has been particularly stressful. Wednesday evening after putting the kids to bed Sean started screaming at the top of his lung. Chris and I ran into his room and he was standing there holding his arm. I scooped him up and took him to the dining room where there was more light. With him still crying we decided he needed a trip to the Emergency room. Because we have only been here for a couple of weeks we did not know anything about the local hospitals. We entered hospital in the GPS and went to the first one that came up. A few short minutes later Sean and I pulled into the parking garage at the hospital. Three x-rays later and he was being fitted for an temperary cast. Broken in two places just above the elbow, we have now experienced our first broken bone. NO fun at all. He has not slept for the past two nights. Which also mean Mommy has not slept. Today I took him to an Orthopedic Surgeon and he is now sporting a beautiful blue cast. He is much more comfortable in the hard cast and after the appointment he took a 5 hour nap. Thank God! This evening he played and complained very little about the pain. He has been such a sport through this whole thing. I am so proud of him. The other kids are however experiencing a little jealousy. I am sure that in a few days we will all be back to normal or at least our version of normal anyway. I do have some picture but I cannot find the software for my camera to download the pics to the computer. So perhaps another day. God bless and take care.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS GIRL!!!! What the heck? You're back in Indiana now? Wow! I sure hope things settle down for you. So glad you're moved into your house AGAIN. hehe And Sean broke his arm? How did that happen? poor little man. I hope he heals quickly. Good to hear from you again, I've often thought about you!

  2. Ouch!!! How did he break his arm? Well we all hope he gets better soon, and you get caught up on your sleep.

    The McCleary Quads