Monday, April 25, 2011

Big Kid Beds...Take 2

As some of you may remember we tried to convert the kids beds to toddler beds about a year ago. They screamed and cried to have their bed rails back. Weird, I know. I think it was a big security issue for them. Anyway after Sean tried to climb out and broke his arm we decided it was time to make the bed change for good!

Henry and Sean helping Daddy take the crib rail off Henry's bed and put the toddler rails on.





This time the kids were ready for this bed change. There was NO complaining and we have had little issue with keeping them in their beds during nap and bedtime. Every morning when they wake up they yell for me to come into their rooms to get them out of bed. I guess they haven't quite figured out they can do it themselves! So cute though.

Since these pictures have been take we have taken the wooden rails off the beds and replace it with a larger mess rail that goes in the middle. The kids kept falling out of bed the first couple of nights and I was up all night picking up kids and putting them back into bed. Since the new rails went on all is well.


  1. Good luck with the transition. It was such a big milestone for us, but such a headache, too.