Thursday, April 28, 2011

Grandma's or Bust...

We were planning a trip to Grandma's for Easter weekend. The kids were VERY helpful while I was trying to get everything ready to go.

Edi decided she would pack her own bag. Sophia liked our new GIANT pink backpack.

Edi was very happy to be going to Grandma's to see her and some of our other family.

We use to live about 15 hours from her and now we are 3 hours.

Sean packed the MOST important items.
Teddy Bears! So cute! We cannot leave home without them!

Well our trip did not turn out the way we had hoped. We arrived at Grandma's around 9:30pm the kids were very wound up. We went to bed just before mid-night and all four kids were WIRED. No sleeping for any of us. The kids cried to go home. They wanted their own beds. Aaaaargh!!! I did not know what to do.

Finally around 5:00am we went downstairs and let them play while we got breakfast ready. At this point Chris and I were both exhausted and ready to just go home. We decided to wait and see if they would take a good nap so we could all get some rest. When naptime came we all went upstairs to our room and the kids laid down...they were SO TIRED and so were we.

It started AGIAN. Whining and crying to go home. "We want to go home." Even though I had been looking forward to seeing family and sharing in my nephew Caymen's 2nd Birthday I also knew that an entire weekend of no rest would not be a great start to the next week.

SO...we packed up and went home

Thankfully the kids were asleep before we even left town. They all 4 slept until we pulled into our driveway. They were very happy to be home. When bedtime came they all went right to sleep and we did not hear a peep out of them. Praise God because Daddy and I got some much needed sleep also.

The crazy thing is I have to be rested. I do not have the option of sleeping in late the next day or taking a nap or going to bed early to make up for lost sleep. Lost sleep at our house is just LOST.

Luckily we all recovered on Sunday. We had an awsome day of rest!!

We have discovered that it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to really schedule ANYTHING. You never know what will happen. It seems that in the last 3 years we have learned SO much but also SO little. Everytime we think we have it figured out...WE DON'T!

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  1. Oh man... Sorry your trip didn't work out! It is impossible to predict how four toddlers will react to an entirely new environment. I think you did the right thing just throwing in the towel once you saw it wasn't going to work out. Staying would have just made you and everyone else miserable. Better luck next time!