Monday, December 19, 2011

Lighting of the Christmas Tree

 We took the kids downtown to the lighting of the Christmas Tree.  It was cold but we toughed it out. Santa came in on a horse drawn carriage but the kids do not really like the big guy. We don't really talk about Santa much in our house. But they were excited about the FREE cookies and hot chocolate from the South Bend Chocolate Cafe that we waiting in line for a LONG time to get. It is too bad that right before we reached the table they ran out! Haha. We ran inside to buy some and the lines were sooooo long that we just decided to get goodies another time. They kids didn't really seem to care. They were just enjoying all the activity going on.

We are gearing up for Christmas this weekend and very excited that Daddy actually gets some time off work. The kids will be thrilled to see him 2 days in a row! Mommy is happy too! :o)

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