Monday, April 29, 2013

November 2012

Ok, so let's just say the past 5 months have been a little crazier than normal in our house. Obviously in Nov. and Dec. we had Thanksgiving and Christmas.  In December Chris started a new job and my Dad had his 3rd surgery for Thyroid Cancer and in January we moved into a new house. We are now living about a block from my Dad and a few streets away from my Aunt and Cousins.:0) In February Chris had major back surgery and in March we attended Kindergarten Round-Up for next year. Wow, it makes me tired just thinking about it. 

We are now working on preparations for our kids 5th Birthday. I can hardly believe it. They are turning 5 and going to school next year. It is really hard to hold the tears back whenever I think about how fast time is passing.

Let's catch up with some pictures! 
Christmas at the Zoo.

Snow FUN!

Sugar Cookie Houses.

Edi has so much candy on hers that it collapsed. We could not save it...

I am pretty sure Henry ate more candy than he put on his house.

Sean was very proud.

Sophia is my little artist. She was so careful with her house and took her time to make it just right.

Sean eating the extra pieces so he didn't mess up his house.

The roof caved in.



Edi's, before the cave in.


Building the houses was so much fun for all of us. This will be a new Tradition in our house!

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