Monday, April 29, 2013

February 2013

In February we celebrated my Niece's Birthday! We love being closer so we can celebrate special occasions with family.


I have the weirdest kids EVER! 
I surprised them with colored pancakes. Each one of my kids has a color that they have had since they were very small. I decided to make them pancakes in their colors...two of them refused to each them. They wanted NORMAL pancakes.  Really????

I loved their colored pancakes.

I knew they would combine power to gang up on Chris and I but 
I did not think it would start this early. They are in our room snooping on our dresser. Why on earth would they even care what is up there anyway?

Climbing on Henry to check out what is on my dresser.
 The kids had their very first Happy Meal.

Even though they were not too thrilled about the food, they did like the toy!

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