Monday, April 29, 2013

March 2013

We finally had a couple of nice days in March. Thank Goodness, we really needed some outside time. We were all going stir crazy. It is amazing how much energy four 4 year olds can keep bottled up over the coarse of a few months.

We took the kids to Kindergarten Round-Up in March. It was a very sad time for me. 
I am not ready to send them off to school. I know this will mark a huge change in all our lives 
and I am just not ready to turn them over to someone else.
I love being with them everyday and I am really going to miss them when they go.

We have been doing Pre-School at home to get them ready for the transition.
They LOVE it! 

Our amazing little Preemies are growing up so fast.  It is unbelievable that we are getting them ready to start school. How did this happen? I love them all so much and I cherish every single moment that I get to spend with them. Even though we are sad to see this phase of their lives come to and end we are so excited for every new experience they will encounter!

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