Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our Little Lost Puppies

Yesterday at around 4:30pm someone openned our gate to our backyard and let out two of our little hairy kids. Now I would call them dogs but they are much more than that to us. Through our years of infertility they were are children. We have only left them overnight on two occasions. Once when the kids were born and recently to go to a wedding in another state. Needless to say I was frantic we called out all of our family, thank God for them, and we searched for hours. We did not find them lastnight and because it was so late the animal shelter was already closed. We drove over to the shelter to check all the outside kennels but they were not there. Early this morning we began making arrangements to offer a cash reward for their return. My husband had called a friend of his on the police department and he notified all the officers of our missing little hairy kids. We had people searching, praying, it was amazing!! Early this morning we began calling our local shelter. FINALLY, someone answered and they did indeed have our little pups. We did not see them in the outside kennel because they had kept them inside. GOD IS GOOD! I am so greatful for all our wonderful friends and family. It's funny how we take them for granted. I am blessed with some pretty terrific people in my life. Chris with Pierre and Baby. Jennifer with Zowee.

Here is a family portrait of Chris and I with our little hairy kids while I was still pregnant. We do not have an updated try getting four babies and three dogs to sit still long enough to take a family picture. LOL.
Just another reminder, I AM BLESSED!! :):):):)
Oh yeah, I would also like to mention that our local shelter took excellent care of our little hairies...did you know they could alway use donations??? Well...if you are a dog lover, you may want to consider sending a little donation to your local animal shelter!

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  1. So glad this story has a happy ending! Good luck on the move! Keep notes and post all that you learn on the move. We will be moving when the girls are 2 1/2. Good luck!