Friday, July 10, 2009

The Indianapolis Zoo Nightmare

Sometimes the best intentions have the worst outcome. I wanted to take the kids to the zoo for the first time. I did not want to spend a lot so...I decided to go on family day. day at the Zoo offers half price admission. It did not occur to me that have the people on the planet would also take advantage of the cheaper admission.
Here we are getting ready to leave on our zoo adventure. We were soooo happy. Mommy with Sophia, Sean, Edi, and Henry.

Ok so we get the the very over crowded Zoo and there is not parking. The kind security man in the parking lot directs us to another lot where we can shuttle into the zoo. Now because I am a mother of quadruplets I quickly asked him if the shuttle was wheelchair accessable. Why do we need that? Well we have FOUR babies, they cannot walk and we have to take strollers everywhere we go. Anyway it was not and we had to cruise for parking. When we finally go into the zoo the very young lady at the gate asked us if we wanted to see the dolphin show. Once again I had the same question about our strollers. "Oh, she said, there is stroller parking outside the show area. You have to carry the kids in." I looked at her and Chris and said, "we have FOUR babies we cannot carry them into the show they have to stay in their strollers." She looked at me and said, "Ok, I will cancel that."
Now had it not been for the fact that it was time to give the kids their bottle and I did not really care whether we saw the show or not I might have argued. But I let it go, later to find out that Chris had never been to a zoo and really wanted to see the show.

Off to feed. This is were yet another incident happened. We are sitting in the shade on a bench feeding the kids their bottles, there is a cool breeze and we are talking about what a nice day it is and even if the kids don't care about the animials it is nice to be out. I looked down at Sophia in her lovely red and white stripped Tommy Hilfiger dress and a big bird has pooped what appears to be mulberries all over her hair, face, dress, legs, and the stroller. I could not believe it. What a mess. She was stained, the stroller was stained and her dress was stained. YUCK!! After the clean up we made our was around the zoo. It was so crowded and the strollers were not allowed on the train in the dolphin area or in observation dome. Let's just say it wasn't the greatest experince. The line for the Oceans was so long that we never even made it in.

Kids in the petting zoo. They really do not care one little bit.

Big hairy cow and kids.

Big elephant using the bathroom, again kids are totally oblivious.
Sometimes we try so hard to make ourselves feel normal but in the end we are not. There were a ton of babies at the zoo but unless you have walked in our shoes it is really hard to explain all the limitations that we run into on a daily basis. Nevertheless we will not stop trying. We will have our little adventures, they are partly what makes us who we are.:):) In the end we are always glad that we at least try.

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