Friday, July 10, 2009

Introducing Mr. Sippy Cup

Each time we have to start a new transition Chris and I get very nervous. It is sooo frustrating. Everytime the kids get a good routine going we have to change it. They are now almost 14 months old. The doctor would like to see them off the bottle at 14 months. Well...its not going to happen. I really try hard to add new things into my day but it always throws everything else off. Here are the kids with their new little cups. They of course have no interest in actually drinking from them, instead they are new fun toys that dribble a little bit of juice every now and then. Here is Edi actually considering taking a drink.

Sophia looking at her cup and smacking it, what a great toy.
Henry trying to dump his cup out. There is not such thing as NO SPILL. They all leak.

Sean is chewing on his cup. Hey at least its on the part he is suppose to be drinking out of.
I am trying to get through this phase. I know it will be easier when we are off the bottle but every little change makes my life quite a bit harder, at least for a while. Wish me luck.

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