Friday, July 17, 2009

Wright Patterson Airforce Museum

We were in Dayton, OH for a wedding this past week and we decided to take the kids to the Wright Patterson Airforce Museum. Here we are when we first arrived. Sophia, Edi, Henry, and Sean.

There were a lot of planes hanging from the ceiling. The kids had a lot to look at.

It did make me feel a little nervous, walking under all those planes. You could see the wires they were hanging from.
I am not sure the kids appreciated it as much as we did but we had a really good time.

Edith and Sophia in front of the first women to fly in the United States airforce.

Here we are on our way out. It was very crowded, we did not realize this was the weekend of their big air show.
Overall a big thumbs up. It is only a couple of hours away and it is free. You can't beat that!!

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