Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sophia's Stunt

Ok, so I did get a little criticism for taking pictures while I knew full well what was about to happen. In my defense I had already told our little angel not to climb on the back of the sofa several times and I was not 100 % sure what was going to happen, I just started snapping picutes. Here we are climbing on the couch. Edith on the left and Sophia on the right.

Ut oh. Be careful Sophi your going to...
Oops! Over the edge.

Mommy's here to save you. Daddy took the picture even though he was telling mommy the whole time that she should not have let her do that. All I can say is, she was still smiling and all was well in the end. What a laugh:) She is alway climbing and getting into everything. Her favorite is the closet in the playroom.
We try very hard to baby proof everything, but they always find a way around it. I mean come on there are four little brains here working against us. We don't have a chance. LOL

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  1. love the smiley flower on their panties - to cute! i always took pics of my twins being mischievious, and now they are the most precious ones.