Sunday, November 15, 2009

101 Dalmations? Well...5 anyway.

This year our family dressed up as the cast to "101 Dalmatians", yes all of us. I was Cruella DeVille while daddy and the kids were Dalmatians. We didn't take them trick-or-treating of course but we did attend a festival in our new town of Foley, Alabama. It was somewhat fun. We were stopped every two seconds. We didn't win the costume contest, there were a billion people but we did make the newspaper. We were one the front of the Baldwin County section of the Mobile Register. We are no strangers to the newspaper. It was a nice little surprise for us.Here is our little Henry.

Little Sean, they don't seem to mind being dressed up. I am not sure they really noticed.

Four little dalmatians playing in their playroom.

Daddy Dalmatian with his four little Dalmatians. It was in the high 80's during the festival. The kids were sweating and so was daddy. We did keep their hats off. Poor little puppies.

Sean, Henry, Sophia, and Edith.


  1. Four times the fun but also four times adorable! Great costumes! I hope you like your new home. Did you take notes about moving with 4 toddlers. I hope so, because we get to move cross country twice in six months, next year! Glad you are connected again!

  2. Welcome to ALABAMA!!!!!