Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How much are those Babies in the window?

The kids are facinated with our new big window over the couch. This is the only place I can put the couch because if I put it on the other side of the room they climb over the couch and can get out of the fence. So...this is the lesser of two evils. Sean and Sophia climbing up to look out the window.
Henry trying to climb onto the playroom window. Sorry buddy that is not going to work. Although one day they did manage to push their little picnic table over to the window and climb up. What will they think of next. They are aways keeping up hopping, that's for sure!

Sean standing on the window seal. I hate it when they do this my heart just stops. Little Zowee standing on the couch, maybe she is waiting to save him.
Overall I think the kids like their new house. Mommy is still adjusting. We did lose over 1000 square feet, a basement, and a garage. But we have given a lot of stuff away and are finally starting to fit in our new house. It's not small, it is a four bedroom two bath it is just smaller than we are use to.

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  1. love the new pics on the side bar!
    glad you're getting settled. the kids look like they are having ALOTof fun in the new house.