Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Big Move

Ok, so this is the big giant pizza that we ordered to entice our family and friends to help us. This is bigger than a card table and barely fits through the front door. It is called the BIG BUBBA.
Instead of using boxes we used many many many many tubs. Oops, I don't think Edi was suppose to get packed.

Hey, Uncle Rick, bring her back she goes on the van not the moving truck.

Papa entertaining the kids. Henry trying to help pack up the tubs. Thanks to papa, Melissa, and Amanda for entertaining the kids while all the others ran around doing last minute packing and trying to load the vans and truck.

My beautiful old house getting emptied. It was very sad to leave our big old house. But we are on to hopefully better things!!!!
The move went, well...ok. We found out that Sean gets car sick. That was not fun. My mom ended up riding down in the van with me while Chris drove the moving truck and pulled our minivan behind him. Oh yeah he also had our three toy poodles with him.
I ended up stopping to stay in a hotel, in order to wash a carseat, so it took two days. I do not know how many hours it took. seemed like FOREVER. Thankfully now we are in our new home, completely unpacked and trying to find a new routine.

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