Thursday, November 19, 2009

Grandma is Coming to Town!

I could not have survived the past two years without my mom. I know I do not tell her enough but she has been a constant rock in my life. She is my best friend and I hate being so far away from her but it does make her visits that much more special. Here is a little about my mom. This is my mom on my laptop while I was in the High Risk unit at St. Vincent Women's Hospital in Indianapolis. Now let me first say that I was only there for one week before my little ones were born but it seemed like a long time. Those of you that know, my back never stopped hurting and I had constant side pain from my big huge belly. She never left my side. She was there to do whatever I needed. Chris, daddy, had to work and she spent every night with me. How do you thank someone like that??
Here is Grandma holding little Sophia. I think she may be just a little proud, what do you think?

Here is Grandma cuddling Henry and Sean when they first came home from the hospital. The boys came home first and because my mom had a break in nursing school she spent every night for about a week with us. We could not have done it without her.
I love you. I aspire to be a mother just like you. You are so much more than you will ever know. Please know that you touch my life every day. I remember all the dolls you made, the cakes we made, and all the love and compassion you passed on to me. I thank God He gave you to ME, you are my sunshine. Please know that even though we are miles apart. I pray for you daily and you are always on my mind and I carry you in my heart always!

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