Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kings Island (Ohio amusement park)

Ok, so I know what your thinking. You are thinking, " What were WE thinking?" Well...we have tried to make our lives as normal as possible from the very beginning of this incredible adventure. Why not Kings Island? Other families take their one year old to water parks so why not us. Yes, it was just Chris and I with our four little ones. Here we are at the water park in the littlest water play area. We took the kids in and Chris and I sat facing each other with our legs spread out in a triangle and our feet together to make a sort of little area for the kids to play in. Luckily we are both tall so this worked very well until Sophia decided she wanted to explore. Now here we are getting ready to change them to leave. Notice Sophia was trying to escape and got herself trapped in the chair.

NOTE TO PARENTS: This works well to contain little children, just put their legs through the straps and you have a few minutes to get everything together. Also, always check the washable swim diaper for any solid debris before yanking it off. YUCK!!

Henry and Sean watching a county music show. They all love music.

Edith and Mommy at the show. She loves her mommy.

Getting ready to leave, we took one last picture of the tower and Kings Island sign. On the way home they were so tired. Sometimes I wonder, after one of our little excursions, if it is really worth the trouble. We love our children so much and want to take every opportunity to share new experiences. Though this was not our first time to take the kids to Kings Island, we went two times last year, this was their first time at the waterpark.

Overall we had a great time:) YES, it is worth it. At the end of the day they are always worth every little hassle that comes along with trying to have normal experiences with four one year olds.

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