Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday!

The kids had a wonderful Birthday!

Papaw came to visit and share their Birthday with them!

Daddy went in late to work so he could help take all the toys out of boxes and put them together. We did the kitchen the night before. Hahaha. It looked like Christmas.

Sophia and her Tinker Bell kitchen. Now I am a very thrify person, I mean come on I have 4 kids the same age. We bought this kitchen after Christmas for $20. You just cant beat that!!

Sean and Edi with Sean's Chuck Car and Track. Again another after Christmas purchase for $10. They have not stopped playing with this thing. We have replaced the batteries EVERY day! Eeeeek.

Edi openning her present from Papaw.

Sophia loves these boxes. They all fit inside each other and they turn over and stack up. They are Melissa and David and they came with a wooden shape box with all the shapes. After Christmas sale $4.81 at Sam's Club.

Sophia and Henry stacking the boxes.

We had such a GREAT relaxing day. We stayed home and played all day long. Papaw went home after nap and the kids enjoyed their toys. I just played with them and enjoyed them all day also. I am loving the age they are now. Right now at this moment my life is so complete and wonderful. I honestly cannot imagine that it could ever get any better than this. God has blessed us and continues to bless us everyday and I praise His name!!

This Saturday we are going to make a 3 hour trip to have a Birthday party with friends and family. We originally had rented a Big Bounce House but the Orthopedic Surgeon said Sean cannot bounce until July because of his arm. So...with inspiration from an awsome friend, nurse, and crafty blogger, Brooke of Shorties Funny Farm. I have purchase a ton of craft supplies and we are going to have a craft party. Their theme is Toy Story, that is what they wanted. I found a bunch of craft supplies that are actually Toy Story theme at Target and The Dollar Tree. Oh and Oriental Trade. They will be so excited to see Grandma and their cousins! They talk about them ALL the time! Just 3 more days!!


  1. what a great birthday!! Happy birthday Sophia, Sean, Henry and Edith!!

  2. It looks like you all had a great birthday! Good job on finding all the great deals after Christmas. We got the same Chuck car and track on clearance after Christmas and gave it to the kiddos for their birthday too. They love it and play with it all the time!
    Have a great party! I love the craft party idea!

  3. ME??? YOUR SO CUTE> Love you guys. Can;t believe those babies are three. I just held little Eddie in my hands.