Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"My Arm Hurts."

Since our little Sean broke his arm, he has really learned how to work it!

Imagine an almost 3 year old pushing, biting, jumping on his bed, not picking up his toys, not listening to Mommy and Daddy...you get the picture. Then those beautiful blue eye look right up at you and say...

"Mommy, my arm hurts."

How quickly they learn!!! As a Momma my heart melts. But...I have to stay strong!


  1. Yep, they learn what makes Mommy melt pretty fast!

  2. Stay strong momma! Amazing how quickly they learn to work us over!

  3. isn't it amazing tho? they are so smart, even at such a young age they know how to pull those mommy heart strings. ugh
    and i just got caught up with your blog and i can not believe how big they are getting. its so nice to have a zoo so close, they will be awesome for the summer. we love the zoo, but ours is over an hour away. ugh