Thursday, May 12, 2011

Reflecting on 3

In less than a week my kiddos are turning 3. I can hardly believe it. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday I was longing to be a Mom and other days I cannot remember what my life was like before my name changed to Mommy. I remember when the kids were very small and Chris used to put his giant hand on their tiny little heads and close his eyes and say, "Turn 3 Turn 3." I knew when he was saying it that the day would come soon enough and now it is almost here.

The past few years have been the biggest most rewarding, most trying, scariest, wonderful, frustrating, confusing...of my life. Not only did we live through a very scary quadruplet pregnancy and birth but we also made it through the first years. In the beginning the main concern was keeping them healthy and feed while keeping US healthy and somewhat rested. Hahahahaha There was pretty much NO sleep in the first 3 months and I didn't start getting a good nights sleep until they turned 2 or so. 3 hour feeding resulting in roughly 32 bottles a day. CRAZY! SO MANY diapers. SO MUCH laundry. They spit up ALL THE TIME. Especially the boys and Edi had reflux which was very scary at time. I was the only one that fed her because you had to be so careful. Anyway we made it through bottles and cereal, baby food, sitting up, crawling, walking and much much more. Even though it was hard I wouldn't change it for the world.

Let's not forget our moving adventures. Going to Southern Alabama them moving to Northern Indiana. Oh and we are not done yet. In the next year or two we will be most definately moving again. Hopefully this time will be more permanent. Ya know somewhere where the SUN SHINES alot!!!

I will never forget all of our awsome memories over the past 3 years. I am excited to add more and more each day! Right now the kids love the Zoo and Choo Choo Trains. We are having such a great time with the stage they are in right now. They are starting to understand more and they can tell you what they want and what they like. I feel like I can better get to know each of them because they are developing opinions and are able to articulate their thoughts and feelings better.

Each day brings a new wonderful gift from God and even though I am undeserving, I am soaking up every moment with each one of them. My kids are the most precious gift I have ever been given and I do try to take time out of our busy schedule to just enjoy them.

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