Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Where's the Bread?

It is very important to me to teach our kids to make healthy food choices. I have struggled with my weight my whole life and am trying to teach my kids to eat healthy and be active. I am always looking for new creative ways to get veggies into our diet. I like to introduce new fruits and veggies every chance I get. They do not always eat it but it is always on their plates. Our kids LOVE bread. I have always given them whole grain wheat bread, they don't even really know white bread exists. Recently I started making homemade whole wheat bread for them and now they will not eat regular bread.

The other day I ran out of bread and had to give them bread from a store bought loaf. Sophia started crying and said, "NO, that is not bread. I want bread." Hahaha. Now I make it a point to make sure we ALWAYS have homemade bread.

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  1. I usually make the bread in our house too. One of my girls commented that the parents of the other kids at school must not love them as much because they don't have homemade bread. I guess now I can't stop making it because then they'll think I don't love them as much. LOL