Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

Mom's Day 2011

So, Mommy is always behind the camera. It is a rare occasion when Mommy actually ends up in a photo. We did try to get a Mother's Day photo though but this is the best one we could get. Henry is mad because he wants to leave for church.

The group picture was a little better...I said A LITTLE better!

I had an awsome Mother's Day. Hubby and the kids are getting me a personal trainer. Thank goodness. I finally came to the realization that I need HELP getting the weight off that never came off when the kids were born and has also been slowly creeping even higher. Hopefully a little guidance and a butt kickin' here and there is all I need.

We started our day with attending a new church. We have only been in our new town/state for a month or so and we have not found a church home yet. The kids were very excited to be going to church. They really like church. Anyway we went to a VERY LARGE church. I had done some research online on area churches and this one seemed to have a good kid program. Was I right! The room our kids were in was actually 2 huge rooms called THE FARM. It was decorated with huge farm animals and had tons of toys a little barn and a slide. They were in heaven and didn't cry at all!!!! That was an absolute relief for Daddy and I. We rarely leave our kids with anyone and when we do I have a lot of anxiety. But this time it was easy breezy. Praise God!!

After church we went to Salsa's a Mexican restaurant followed by the Zoo and then a trip to the South Bend Chocolate Cafe for cookies and cheesecake and lastly we walked over to the College Football Hall of Fame and let the kids run on the football field. We had so much fun but it was exhausting. Mommy and Daddy were just as pooped as the kiddos.

I am truely thankful to God for blessing me with these four AMAZING kids. Without them I would not be celebrating Mother's Day.

I am the MOST BLESSED mom on earth. Yup, I get to be called MOM! One of the most precious words I will ever hear.


  1. I think your Mother's Day pictures are great! Such cuties! Getting four 2yo to look at the camera and smile is so hard!!

    Wow! A personal trainer is a great gift! I really need to lose this weight, but I don't have time right now. (I know that is a pitiful excuse...) I keep hoping that once the kids are in preschool, I can get in a better routine. Good luck with the trainer!!

  2. Cute pictures! Can you believe I forgot to take a picture with me in it?! Happy belated Mother's Day.

  3. Great pictures! I didn't get a picture of my kiddos and I on Mother's Day. I thought about it several times, but they were always busy playing and I didn't want to interrupt their fun!
    Awesome gift! I wish I could get a personal trainer. I need to lose this extra weight I have hanging around too. I'm in my nieces wedding in a year and the dress she has picked out for me is not going to look good unless I shed some serious weight. Good luck to you on your weight loss journey!