Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Congratulations Melissa

All of us at Melissa's Graduation. Though you cannot see from this terrible picture all kids are sporting T-shirt for Melissa's Graduation. First is Edi with her grandma. Her shirt says, "Melissa Rocks". Next is Sean with Melissa. His shirt says, "I Love Melissa". Next is mommy with Sophia, her shirt also says, "Melissa Rocks". And last but not least is Henry with Sam, a friend. Henry's shirt says, "I Love Sam". Soooo cute!!
Congratulations Cousin Melissa our 2009 Graduate. We are so proud of you!! Melissa is holding Sean, he loves her soooo much!! Cousin Amanda holding Edith at Melissa's Graduation.

Henry Loves Sam. This is Sam who also is a 2009 Graduate!! Way to go Sam.

Morgan holding Sean at Melissa's Graduation. Morgan also is a 2009 Graduate. Congrats Morgie, we love you!

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