Monday, June 15, 2009

Let's try a toddler biscuit

So we went to the doctor last Friday and she said they are ready to start on some real food. I decided we would try some of those biscuits. It did not occur to me that the biscuits would be gummed to death and rubbed all over faces, hands, hair, clothes, chairs, and trays. Someone should write a disclaimer on the box.
Edith managed to make the biggest mess on her face. She had big chucks stuck everywhere. YUCK! Henry gummed his little biscuit down to a tiny stub that we had to take away for fear of choking.
Sean managed to drop his bisciut on the floor twice. He got a new one once and then we decided it time to start cleaning up.

Sophia had crunchy biscuit in her hair and all over her hand and even up her arms. I have no idea how this child got so dirty with one little toddler biscuit.

This incident ended with four little babies in the bath tub. This was our first attempt at all four in the tub and it will be our last for a while. The kids were slipping and sliding everywhere and there was hardly room to wash them and rinse their hair.

Even though it was a messy experience, aren't they soooooo cute!!!

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  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for the kind comments about the loss of my sweet dog. It sounds like you also have fur-babies and can understand our sadness.
    Your children are adorable! Enjoy every minute with them. I absolutely loved all the crazy antics when our quads were that age. It goes in a blink so take lots of pictures and try to take all the messes in stride!
    Thanks again,