Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our first swim

We love the water so... it only makes sense that our kids would right? We were a little nervous about our first time in the water. Afterall it is a lot of responsibility taking four infants into a swimming pool. They all loved it. I was prepared for a little crying or maybe a little resistance but they all got in a started splashing. Here they are from left to right.
Henry, Sean, Edith, Dad, and Sophia. Edi playing in the water. Shortly after this photo was taken she did a nose dive into the pool nearly scaring both her father and I half to death. She did not cry she was just a little stunned. She continued to play after that with her daddy.
Sophia loves to splash. She spent most of her time splashing in the water in her little boat/airplane.

Sean had a good time just floating around. He is our water boy he cries everytime you take him out of the bath tub.

Henry became very tired very quickly. He was to first to come out.

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