Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pregnancy Photos

Ignorant Bliss is what I like to call it. It is funny how I spent my whole pregnancy worrying about getting all four of the babies here safely. Cramming food down my throat every 2 hours to make sure I was getting enough calories. It never occurred to me how hard it would be to actually take care of four babies.

I am sooooo blessed by how healthy our children have been, we are firm believers in washing hands, a lot, and using hand sanitizer when washing is not as easy. We have only had one cold in the past year and only two of our kids needed an anti-biotic. We are Blessed. Recently we did deal with all four of our kids having a bad reaction to their 1 year vaccinations. They all broke out in red dots, nearly scared me to death. I thought they were getting chicken pox or measles from the vaccinations. It lasted about a week. NO sleep and lots of crankiness!! This was our little family before, three little hairy kids. Our little hairies are so spoiled, I have never left them overnight except when I was in the hospital for a week prior to deliver and a few days after. They go on all vacations with us, we use to take them with us everywhere but now it is not possible with two strollers and four babies to take care of. I am hoping as the kids get older and more independent it will be a lot easier to take our little hairies along with us sometimes.

My pregnancy is a strange memory to me. It was filled with everyday anxiety. I woke up every morning praying for the safe delivery of my little ones. At 14 weeks I had an abdonimal cerclage. Most people are familiar with the cervical cerclage where your cervix is sewn shut to help prevent early delivery. An abdominal cerclage is when your uterus is removed through your abdomen, similar to a C-section, and two slits are made in either side. They then insert a piece of tape ,as I like to call it. This tape as a hammock inside the uterus to keep the babies from pressing on the cervix and causing very premature labor. I do believe this played a key role in helping us make it to 32 weeks and 3 days with only a short hospital stay before delivery.

It seems so long age, even though the kids are just one. Time has flown by. I can barely remember the first 3 or 4 months when Chris and I were so sleep deprived that we did not know what was going on. We did not have much help and what little we did have fizzled our after just a couple of weeks of all of them coming home from the hospital. I am not sure how our marriage survived all the sleep deprevation and constant caring for our children. There was no time left for us. But here we are still going strong, most of the time. I am sure if you caught us in a particularly stressful situation we may not seem like the happily married couple we once were but be are working on being more patience with each other during those stressful times. Afterall, we do love each other. It was that love that made us want to have a family together!!!

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