Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Walks with Mom

Because I value my independence, my brother bought me a quad stroller when the kids were first born. He knew how important it was for me to be able to take walks and go places with the kids by myself. Our home is not exactly quadruplet friendly. On days when the kids and I go for a walk there is a very long process to get all of us out the door. First all diapers are changed, kids are fed, and bags are filled. I take the quad stroller outside and down the steps. It weighs over 40 lbs, by the way, without the kids and bags. I then take all bags to the stroller and drag a pack and play to the entry way and prop the door open so I can see the kids at all times.
Once they are all in the pack and play in the entry way I then take one at a time out to the stroller and strap them in. It is quite a lengthy process but well worth it. We all need fresh air from time to time!!! What a workout each kid weighs about 20 lbs. Add that to the weight of the stroller and you can kiss that baby weight good-bye!! Which by the way I am still hanging onto about 30 lbs.

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