Friday, June 12, 2009

The Group Picture

Have you ever tried to get four one year olds to pose for a picture. Well... I can tell you it is not an easy task. I do not have many GOOD group pictures. Imagine trying to keep four little ones lined up for at least 5 seconds, long enough to pick up camera aim and snap. Here is our attempt a couple of days ago at getting a group picture. I lined them up and gave them each a toy, ran in front and snapped. They obviously being faster than me took off. Here again I am not sure how they got so far away I only took 4 steps.
Not only this time did the kids take off but Pierre one of our 3 toy poodles decided he would come in and see what was going on.

Another failed attempt.

The best we could do. Edith with a toy in her mouth. Sean getting ready to take off. Henry looking quite stunned and Sophia, well... I not really sure what that look is all about. If you add some black and white effects you can almost make yourself believe that you have done a good job at taking this group photo. :)

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