Friday, August 14, 2009

Is it getting smaller?

The ball pit is getting smaller. It seems like every time one of the kids get into the ball pit the other three follow. They cannot stand it if one of them has something that the others do not. starts early! Now, even though there is a whole bunch of balls Sean has to take the one that Sophia has in her hand.
Henry is laying down. He likes to lay in the balls sooooo cute. Edi often stays out of the ball pit when the others are in there because she gets picked on a lot and this way she can get away fast. You will often find Edi in the balls if no one else is around.

Henry is trying to take Edi's ball it is a much better ball than the 100 other balls he is sitting in.
They are best friends, always playing together. How could you ask for more? Instant best friends! :):):):)

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